Observation and Simplification of Inanimate Objects


The objective of this project is to experiment with form and its simplification for the purpose of generating a poster. Through observation of musical instruments and their detail, students do several studies of the objects, and through critical thinking choose the best elements in order to create a graphic collage for a poster based on a musical event.

The process and final project should result in a poster that will display a combination of theories and exercises that were introduced in this course. Elements such as closure, gestural drawing, proportions, typography, use of color and layout should be evident in the final design.


This is our final project for Drawing for Communication. The assignment was to create a poster for a music event using musical instruments. We started the process with small sketches of instruments to compare the possibilities of how we planned to arrange our designs.

The following step was to convert our sketches onto tracing paper to better execute the arrangement we desired. This was an experiment to play around with position, combination and layers.

Once satisfied with a final design we were instructed to add colors and typography.

I used a combination of drawing, Photoshop and Illustrator for the final product. All designs were drawn and scanned then converted on Photoshop and Illustrator.

I chose to focus on a folk music festival in Australia including some of my favorite musicians. The color scheme I chose was more of a personal choice but I found it worked well for the theme of the festival as well.

This was one of my favorite projects because I was able to incorporate many techniques learned throughout my first semester.

CD Cover Design




Exercise 1 – Expressive Drawing of a Human Face Through Use of Markers and Pens

Most people don’t want to give up on a drawing or idea if they spend a long time on it. In this exercise students will use markers and pens to create a quick gestural drawing of a human face from photographic reference. Because pens and markers have a permanent pigment in them, erasing mistakes becomes impossible, and if one drawing doesn’t look just “right” it’s easy to abandon it and move on to the next, or work out the mistakes by drawing over them.

Exercise 2- Figure/ground relationship and scale/value contrast. Letters-pacing.

The objective of this exercise is to investigate the optical letter spacing as opposed to mechanical letter spacing, and to achieve a balance between negative and positive form from providing unity and consistency to the word.

As well as combination of principles of closure and figure/ground in the making of a symbol that could be used as a logotype.


The overall purpose of this project was to combine both exercises to create a CD Cover Design. To do this we explored different techniques to drawing the human face combined with proper letter spacing. Letters-pacing is also known as kerning. We used this technique to create uniformity to the spacing.

We were instructed to draw the faces with pen and marker to create a spontaneous and loose character to the drawings. From there we added marker to show shadows and accentuate gradients.

Additionally we were asked to create a logo with the initials of the artist we chose for our design.

After completing these exercises by hand we scanned and combined our designs on Photoshop to add color and adjust size and placement.

The methods that were practiced in this assignment have helped me better understand how to control line form, how to accurately space letters within topography and accentuate face drawings using markers.

For my project I chose to draw Lana Del Rey. I found difficulty when not being able to erase my mistakes, however this taught me how to carry on and use my mistakes to add character.